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Thank you for choosing Off The Street Hip Hop for your child’s birthday party. We will make sure their day is jam-packed full of fun, dance and excitement. With 15 years’ experience working with kids and their families, we also ensure your experience is as easy and quick as possible.

To create the best kids’ party ever, please fill out as much of this form as you can. That way, we won’t have to bother you with phone calls and emails leading up to the party. The more info you give us now, the easier your experience will be.

Please Tick Your Venue
What type of floor is the dance area?
What type of party would you like

Payment Process:

Once we have confirmed availability for the time and date of your party, we will send you a confirmation email and an invoice with payment details.

On receipt of the email, please pay the full amount via EFT to confirm and hold your spot.

Description: OTSHH (child's name)

*Please pay attention to the description request so there is no confusion regarding missing payments.

Once all is confirmed and paid for you will receive one email from us which will include:

  • Invites PDF

  • Receipt

  • Tips on how to make your kid’s party the best day ever

  • A detailed list of what goes on in an OTSHH kids’ party

Refund Policy

Payment in full is required on receipt of invoice to book and confirm your birthday party.

No refunds will be provided if the party is cancelled within 15 days of the party date.

A $100 deposit will be kept if the party is cancelled 15 - 30 days before the party date.

A $50 deposit will be kept if the party is cancelled 30 - 60 days before the party date.

Full payment will be refunded for any cancellation of Off The Street Hip Hop (OTSHH) kids’ parties 60 days before the party date.

We understand that life can throw a little curve ball into your plans. If you run into any issues, please communicate with us and we will try to help you resolve the problem with little stress. If possible, we will work with you to reschedule a cancelled party at a time suitable to both you and OTSHH. We will retain full payment if rescheduling occurs.


Terms & Conditions

Off The Street Hip Hop will not tolerate any kind of bullying, mental, verbal or physical abuse of any kind towards staff throughout the term of the party.

OTSHH will always work their hardest to create a kid-safe and judgement free space for every participant and parent.

Please know we use photos and footage on our social media networks, so you must inform us via email or in writing if there is a child or parent who requires exclusion from this. Please also confirm this with the OTSHH representative on the day of the party.

By agreeing to this: 

You understand that all activities your child and guest participate in during this event are done at the child(s) own risk and accept all responsibilities.

You agree not to bring any claim against the organisers of this activity or employees involved in the event. You have read and accepted the terms of this liability disclaimer, refund policy and terms & conditions agreement.

Please understand that, as we don’t charge per head, our limit is 20 kids per party. If there are more than 20 children attending, we will add another artist at an additional cost of $100.

Thank you!

We will be in touch with you very soon.

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