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10 Things I've learned as an 'Off The Street' mum.

My Kids are always upside down

1)  To hip hop, you need to ‘bounce’.

2)  Hip hop is not baggy pants, bling and music with swear words.

3)  The true hip hop community exists as an inclusive safe space where people are accepted and differences are celebrated.

4)  Megan and Pete teach kids to believe in who they are and be true to themselves.

5)  Red Bull doesn’t just give you wings – it also makes your teacher really cool.

6)  Kids are capable of amazing things if you believe in them and provide them with a safe space to create.

7)  A dance floor is a great place for teenagers to deal with their anger, frustration, sadness and anxiety.

8)  A ‘six step’ is every hip hopper’s first step to greatness.

9)  A hip hop/breaking ‘battle’ involves just as much personality as it does ability.

10)  It is entirely feasible for a certain eighteen month old hip hopping offspring to lead a warm up for a class full of senior students. And do it properly

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