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Breaking Academy

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"🕺💥 Exciting News for Aspiring Breakers! 💥🕺 Introducing the Ultimate Breaking Course by the legendary Bboy Sette! 🌟 Perfect for beginners, this course is not just about dance; it's a journey into the vibrant culture, history, and music that define the world of Breaking. With an impressive 26 years of experience, Bboy Sette takes you under his wing, guiding you from foundational basics to champion-level breaking. Learn the art of top rocking, master the correct footwork techniques to prevent injuries, delve into power moves, freezes, and the seamless transitions that make breaking an awe-inspiring dance form. But that's not all! Bboy Sette introduces you to a global community of Bboys and Bgirls, offering insights from incredible masters worldwide. Your child won't just learn from Sette himself but from the best in the business, fostering a true sense of belonging and expression. Bringing the authentic culture and foundations of Breaking right into your living room, this course is more than just dance lessons; it's a place for everyone to belong, express themselves with confidence, pride, and commitment. Get ready for some serious sweat, an elevated heart rate, and the joy of learning the art form alongside others or flying solo. And the best part? Once you master the basics, you can practice and train almost anywhere without costing you a thing. 🌍🎶 Join Bboy Sette's Breaking Course today and let the dance revolution begin! 🚀✨





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Breaking Academy

Breaking Academy

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