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OFF THE STREET HIP HOP offer workshops, events and programs that teach all aspects and elements of hip hop.

OFF THE STREET will guide their students through a committed year and will constantly introduce inspiring artists, experiences, mentoring, knowledge and understanding of the hip hop genre.

OFF THE STREET pride themselves on bringing Hip Hop to community and families.

Megan Ibrahim

Big Sisterhood.jpg

Co - Founder & Director

Megan understands that, if you want to connect with and teach a child, you need to understand who the family is. 

find out more of Megan's ventures at


J Smith Productions

Founder & Producer

Jess Smith understands how to bring out the best of children’s abilities, while nurturing their confidence and allowing them to have fun.

find more about J Smith at


Peter Sette

(Bboy Sette)

Co-Founder & Event Manager

Passionate about passing on his experience, knowledge and  understanding about what it takes to be the best you can be.

Ruth 2.jpg

Ruth Letch

Blogger & Copywriter

Ruth is a writer who is fascinated by human nature. She loves storytelling, writing and helping people achieve their goals.

find more about Ruth at

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